Map Of Absence

            Small Projects, Trømso/Norway

Solo Exhibion, 2019

What is void or absence? Does it have its own nature, or is it merely space defined by the absence of something specific?

When we examine how language works, one intriguing aspect is how silence—or nonexistence—relates to the existing elements of the medium. It seems as if a medium itself does not constitute meaning; communication becomes possible through the process of selection and exclusion. A conversation emerges from the constant negotiation between the selected elements of the medium and the excluded ones. Meaning is achieved through the interplay of the present elements and their designed absence.

Maps of Absence is a crystallization of the artist's attempt to give visual form to how void is appropriated in both material and linguistic spaces.

Installation View I
installation II
part of installation II
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©Yohannes Mulat Mekonnen

Münster, Germany.