Pygmalion’s Pen

Installation , 2019

In "Pygmalion’s Pen," the influence of a medium on our understanding of the world is brought to the forefront. Representation is not simply the recording of external reality but an active process in shaping its possibilities. 

Foucault discusses the perception of order, stating, “Order is, at one and the same time, that which is given in things as their inner law, the hidden network that determines the way they confront one another, and also that which has no existence except in the grid created by a glance, an examination, a language; and it is only in the blank spaces of this grid that order manifests itself in depth as though already there, waiting in silence for the moment of its expression.” This is to say that the gaze imposes character onto the observed object. Mediums of representation come with inherent realities, limitations, and possibilities that they project onto their subjects. This instalation claim this is also true to our ideas “when our conceptions became to certain they creat the world after their own image”.

Installation view

Detail view of the installation 
Detail view of the installation 

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©Yohannes Mulat Mekonnen

Münster, Germany.