Yohannes Mulat mekonnen

Yohannes Mulat Mekonnen (1992) is a multidisciplinary visual artist working in video, Installations , drawings and mixed media. Growing up in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia that is a boiling pot of different ethnicities, religions and languages, he has always been fascinated by the intersections and tensions that arise from such coexistence of plurals. His recent works that deal with the question of representations of reality and the role of power in the creation of truth/narrative have their roots in his upbringing in a city that brims with an array of ethnic and religious cultures and hosts multiple competing narratives of plural origins. After completing his undergraduate studies in ASFAD and one year of wide-ranging artistic practice he moved to Tromsø, Norway where he studied masters of contemporary arts. His latest works are predominantly informed by his study of the relationship of reality and its myriad representations and how these representations dictate individual and cultural relations.


2019 Mapping absence, solo exhibition/ Small projects, Tromso/Norway
2018 Thinking-plates, solo exhibition/galleri snerk, Tromso/Norway
2017 Out of, group exhibition/ galleri snerk Tromso/ Norway
2016 The writer’s room Alle school of fine arts/ academy galley. Addis Ababa/ Ethiopia
2015 The upcomings, group exhibition/ Guramaene art center, Addis Ababa/ Ethiopia
2015 Cinema lada group exhibition/ modern art museum, Addis Ababa/ Ethiopia

Presentation and workshops

2018- Helsinki academy of fine arts, Helsinki/ Finland
2017- Tromso academy of contemporary arts, Tromso/ Norway
2015 - Vienna school of arts PHD in practice programme, Vienna / Austria
2014 - Wits school of arts, Johannesburg / South Africa…

Work experience

2017- smalls projects, installation and exhibition organization, Tromso, Norway
2015-2016 Zalef school of fashion design, art and basic design teacher, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2014-2017 Medihin foundation, consultant of youth education  and community building,
                  Addis ababa, Ethiopia